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Dec 9, 2012 6:30pm EST
, but a on the way. let's get right over to our meteorologist who will tell us awayis rain is going anytime soon. we have another day of cloudy rain, but the big difference tomorrow is the temperatures. wait until you see what is on the way. chilly outside right now. 45 in cumberland as we look at our satellite and radar. there are that showers -- the moving intoivity cumberland and hagerstown. this is all living off toward the north and east. expect for the r of thevening hours? temperatures falling into the '40's, but get ready, huge warm- on the way tomorrow. we will look at the forecast, coming up in just a few minutes. back with youck soon. >> the was a critical meeting in that was held on sunday obama and house speaker john boehner. the timing is a clear indication that many in washington are realize time is out to find a deal on fiscal cliff. wherego to the newsroom richard will tell us. president and house speaker john boehner met privately. both emphasize the lines of communication remain open. one person watching all this is a woman with to power brokers on capitol hill. f is very muchclif
Dec 23, 2012 6:30pm EST
, it has been busy out there. >> we are a car culture and the experts tell us half of washington, d.c. travelers taking their vehicles on the road. gas prices are down and traffic on the highways is up. it's be christmas eve eve. >> take a rest. get a drink and keep going. >> a loaded car and carrier. >> with my mother it is not easy to get her on a plane. >> her ride packed with family presents, a and the beagle. >> it is 32 miles to the gallon. >> he is not alone on i-95 south in dale city. >> now, we're not moving at all. >> this is typical. >> dorothy is one of the 83 million americans hitting the roads this weekend. >> right around here it gets bad, it speeds up and slows down. >> all talk at the rest stops is 7% fall in gas prices make the car a better choice than a plane. even if you are the jazz family driving from montreal to florida. >> here it is $50 and $100 in canada. >> aaa says only 6% of travelers are flying. 100,000 are taking trains or buses. >> it took me $40 to fill up my tank. >> at least this time around the car is king. even if
Dec 30, 2012 6:30pm EST
year's eve. that is tomorrow night. on to the day tuesday, giving us a better chance for a little bit of rain. nothing that is going to total anything in terms of significant. mainly clear skies for the overnight hours. clouds just off to the west. these clouds arrived during the day tomorrow. it will be a dry new year's eve. keep your umbrella handy, new year's day. this is the future cost showing daytime highs tomorrow just around 40 to 45 degrees. no rain to really speak of. the rule book for a chance for a few flurries mixed with a little bit of rain. -- then we're going to lkkook for a chance for a few flurries mixed with a little bit of rain. daytime highs tomorrow will be around 40 to 45 degrees. if you're wondering what your friends may be experiencing right now for the kick off in a couple hours at fedex field, temperatures will be in the lower 30's. wind chill factors in the 20's new year's eve will bring it in dry. look of the colder air wednesday, thursday, friday. highs will only be in the 30 per 's. >> one thing we read need right now is a big win for the redskins. >> ho
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3